About Library

The College Library was set up in 2013 when the College building was established.  After extension of the 1st floor of the college building in 2015 the Library has now been shifted to 1st floor. The Library is now known as Manindra Bhusan Memorial Library and it has 5000 books currently.  A spacious and student friendly reading room is attached to the Library. The college has an I-Library which was established in 2015 funded by the former MIC, BCWD of West Bengal. Students are always encouraged to use Library and I-Library.


  • Membership -2019-20
  • College Administrator for NLIST- Smt. Latika Patel
  • User Id & Password created and provided to – Faculty Members, Staff and Students. Alumni are provided User Id & Password on demand.
  • N-LIST online facilities: Access to 31, 35,000+ e-books and 6000+ e-journals through INFLIBNET N-LIST.


  • Total no. of Accession Books : 4985
  • No. of books on Entry in Service: 30
  • No. of periodicals: 15
  • No. of Newspapers: 03
  • No. of Career Guidance Books: 100
  • Reading Room: 01
  • Fully air-conditioned I. Library Room (Exclusively for I. Library)   01


  • Library activities and Upgradation through Library Sub-Committee.
  • Library is fully automated.
  • Library Management through KOHA software. Installation of KOHA Cloud version is on the process.
  • Author based, Subject based, Title based, Publisher based searching and other advanced aided search facilities of OPAC are available.
  • Lending facilities available on every working day.
  • Membership and Lending facilities extended to alumni and local students of other HEIs and academics.
  • Library Service for every stakeholder.
  • Reference service available.
  • Reading room service available.
  • Dissemination of Information service (Case to case basis.) available.
  • Internet services available.
  • Career Guidance Service available.
  • There are 05 computers exclusively for users in the library with internet facility
  • Periodicals are kept in journal display rack.
  • Reprography service, Printing and Scanning facilities are available.
  • Wi-Fi facilities are also available.
  • Library Entry Register for both students and Faculties is maintained regularly.
  • Register for Requisition of books from students.
  • Library has a Suggestion Box. Suggestions submitted are analyzed and steps are taken regularly for improvement on the basis of those suggestions through Library Subcommittee.
  • The library maintains a Notice Register and a Notice Board to inform and display notices related to the library only.
  • Reference books on all subjects, magazines, books for competitive examinations, atlas, Encyclopedia Britannica, Manorama Yearbook are available.
  • New arrivals are displayed properly.
  • Newspapers are displayed on a separate rack.

Rules of the Library

  • No student would be entertained without Library card issued by the College.
  • Library is open during College hours, i.e., 11am to 4pm.
  • No reference book or any journal can be allowed for lending.
  • Silence should be maintained in the Library
  • Food and Drinks are not allowed inside the Library
  • All bags and personal belongings should be kept in the counter.
  • Cell Phones should be put on silence or Airplane mode inside the Library.
  • All books must be checked for damage/ mutilation before borrowing. Any damage found should be reported to the librarian immediately.
  • Books should be used with care and in case of loss or damage of books; the issuer to whom it was last issued shall be liable for replacement of the lost book and it should the latest edition.
  • Loss of Library card must be immediately reported to the appropriate authority and duplicate library card may be issued on payment of Rs 50/-