About the Department

Bengali language and literature is an important department of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Satabashiki Mahavidyalaya. We know in the case of knowledge store Bengali is like gemstone. Spiritual progress of human beings is possible if language and literature is read. Bengali subject can develop our mind and personality. In the necessary to read Bangla to understand the aesthetical part of life. In the department of Bengali, there are five teachers. One of them is an assistant professor and the rest of them part-time-teacher. This department provides both Honours and General courses. We have a departmental library and a computer with internet connection . We organize seminar with teachers and students. Beside this we organize International Mother Language day in February 21st . In the college we arrange Bangla theme centric competitions. We teachers try hard for the students.

Learning Outcome

Language is the best medium of expression. Bangla is the sweetest language among all the languages of the world. The Bengali language is very popular among the Bengalis and the Bengalis are always striving to protect its dignity. Today, no one can deny the tradition of Bengali language in all language communities. The status of this Bengali language of the Department of Higher Education is universally recognized. Bengali is a popular subject in colleges and universities in West Bengal. Many talented students study this subject and they mature their future. Today we think that language learning is essential for the progress of civilization. In order to build the country and become an ideal Bengali, it is very important to read the Bengali language
Many aspects are open to reading about this subject for livelihood. For example, if you read about this subject, you can become a teacher or a professor. After reading this subject, one can become a good journalist by studying journalism and also get a job as a news reader in TV and radio. Sometimes students think that there is nothing that can be done after reading this subject but this is not true. This idea is not correct. Bangla language is taught in many universities of the world and job opportunities can be taken there
This subject can also play an important role if a student thinks that he / she will choose an independent livelihood. It is possible to lead a better life through the practice of literature. Above all, it is possible to enter the field of literature and do business if one wants to do business through the practice of literature. Everyone knows that stories and novels are at the same price as literature. Great prizes can be achieved through the practice of literature through which it is possible to achieve worldwide fame. There are these awards nationally and internationally. The best prize in literature is the Nobel Prize. The prize can be won by studying this subject. After all, there are very few good subjects like this one for gaining knowledge.
We, the professors of the Bangla Department, want the students to read about Bengali and improve their lives. We will try our best to support all the students who will be studying Bengali and we will take all the responsibility for their development.