Grievance Redressal cell:

The Grievance Redressal Cell of DRBRASM effectively works towards redressal of grievances of various stakeholders. The stakeholders can register their grievances through offline or online means. If found authentic, the grievances are dealt with, with immediate effect. The GRC provides a healthy mechanism for redressal of grievances and ensure the transparency in administration. It also helps in preventing malpractices in any field. It encourages all stakeholders, especially the students to express their grievances without any fear of being victimized.

Chairman Convenor Members
Dr. Chittaranjan Das,
Mob No: 9433373187
Smt. Latika Patel,
Assistant Professor, Philosophy,
Mob No: 8777732778
Shri Ramchandra Bose-DPI Nominee
Dr. Roopleena Banerjee (Invitee Member), Vice Principal, Mob No : 9830893486
Shri Basudev Mondal, Assistant Professor, Bengali, Mob No : 9733101395
Smt. Moumita Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Sanskrit, Mob No : 7063080403
Shri Tapan Kanti Basu, MAGT, Mob No : 9564197034
Smt. Brati Debbarman, SACT, Mob No : 9933559186
Smt. Mita Bairagi, SACT, Mob No- 9800991056
Shri Surjakanta Sarkar, NTS, Mob No: 7872648718

Resolution : 2019-20, 2020-21