Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaints Committee of DRBRASM organized a seminar on 8th and 9thMarch 2017 to commemorate International Women’s Day. The topic of the seminar was “Women and Empowerment in India: Issues and Challenges”. In the seminar the teachers of the college presented papers on various topics. Those who presented papers were Smt. Roopleena Banerjee, Dr. Ata Mallick, Smt. Gouri Dutta, Smt. Mridula Biswas, Smt. Keya Chakraborty.Around 40 students were participated in this seminar.

Internal Complaints Committee of DRBRASM organized one-day awareness programme on 8th March 2018 to commemorate International Women’s Day. The topic of this awareness programme was awareness on female health. Dr. Nivedita Biswas, medical officer, Rural Development Hospital - Bagdah, was the speaker of that awareness programme. Around 40 students and faculties participated in that programme. Dr. Biswas delivered her lecture on various female health-oriented issues. Students were able to resolve their questions on various topics around female health and were greatly helped by this

Internal Complaints Committee of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya organized one-day awareness programme on 8th of March 2019 to commemorate International women’s Day. Mr. Asim Pal, officer in charge, Bagdah police station and Smt. Susmita Dutta, BPHN, Bagdah rural development hospital were our honourable guests on that day.

The Principal of our college, Dr. Chittaranjan Das felicitated our guests and marked the opening of the programme. All the teachers and non-teaching staff of our college were also present for the programme. Mr. Asim Pal delivered a lecture on “Women’s safety and security”,one of the biggest issues in our society, and also talked about some other key issues of the society concerning women. Further, Smt. Susmita Dutta delivered her lecture on “Mental hygiene and Addiction”.

Shri Basudev Mondal, Head of the Bengali department, sung a song, written and composed by him, through which he paid a tribute to the women faculty of the college. Smt Mridula Biswas, a faculty of the Bengali department shared her valuable views on women’s issues with the students and staff. Apart from teachers, almost 60 Students had also taken a part in the programme. Few among them were Kishore Das, Manishankar Sen, Indrajeet Mallick, Saikat Bar who shared their views regarding International Women’sDay. A signature campaign programme had also been organized during the day and all the guests, teachers and students shared their views on the topic ‘Gender discrimination in our Indian society’. At the end of the programme the Principal of the college thanked Smt. Latika Patel, chairperson of I.C.C, who coordinated the entire programme and made it a grand success. He also shared his views on IWD and made some important announcements for students relating to new courses which will be launched soon.

The programme ended with the Principal giving a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, students,teachers,non-teaching staff and others who were present on the day.

Internal Complaints Committee of DRBRASM organized an awareness programme on 27th August 2019. The topic of this awareness programme was Sexual Harassment at Workplace. Mr. Ayan Majumder, Secretary, DLSA, Barasat, was the resource person of this programme. Students and teachers from few nearby colleges and schools were invited to attend this programme.

Presiding Officer Members
Dr. Roopleena Banerjee,
Assistant Professor, Pol.Science
Shri Basudev Mondal, Asstt. Professor, Bengali
Smt. Srijani Ray,Asstt. Professor, Philosophy
Smt. Latika Patel, Asstt.Professor, Philosophy
Smt. Moumita Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Sanskrit
Smt. Gouri Dutta, SACT, History
Smt. Lipika Bhadra,CNTS,Office Assistant
NGO Member(To be nominated)
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