College at a glance

Dr.B.R.AmbedkarSatabarshikiMahavidyalaya is situated in Helencha amidst lush green fields and a beautiful environment. The college, established on 1st August 2005, is affiliated to the West Bengal State University, Barasat. There is a big playground at the entrance of the college and also a statue of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar after whom the College has been named.

The college has introduced the CBCS model as per the guidelines of WBSU. There are eight departments in the College namely Bengali, Education, English, History, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science and Sanskrit. Except Education and Physical education, which were introduced recently, all other subjects offer both Honours and General courses.

The College has seven assistant professors; sixteen SACT faculties. There are six full time non-teaching staff and eight non-teaching staff appointed on a contractual basis.

There are various committees in the college. These include a fully functional IQAC, academic subcommittee, admission subcommittee, purchase and repair committee, cultural, seminar and publication committee, library subcommittee to name a few. The college also has various cells as the Grievance redressal cell, ICC, Anti ragging cell, Career counselling cell, RTI cell and the like.

There is a fully functional NSS unit which conducts various programmes on social awareness from time to time. The NSS unit also holds seminars and special lectures and resource persons from various colleges and Universities are invited to enrich the college with their views. The NSS unit undertakes various programmes of social service like working in villages, raising awareness about cleanliness in surroundings, planting trees for maintaining environmental balance, holding medical camps and the like. Students are taught to be responsible citizens and to improve the society they live in through various social services.

The College organizes various educational tours, excursions, cultural activities, seminars and sports activities for all round development of the students. The College pays full attention to the academic development of the students. There is a rich library having 3000 books and also an I- library which has free wi fi connection to enable students to access various journals and e-books. The College has 20 computers in the Office, various departments, library etc and all information is digitalized. There are two virtual classrooms and more in process, to impart e- learning to students by PPT method as well as virtual learning. All departments upload their study material in College portal, to help students with their studies.

A wall magazine is published centrally from the college as well as from various departments to bring out the best in the students.

Seminars, inter departmental lectures, workshops are held on a regular basis for the enrichment of students. Faculties from various colleges and Universities are invited in those seminars and workshops to share their valuable views with the teachers and students. The Vice Chancellor of the WBSU was also invited on a special occasion to share his views on how to enrich the College. The career counselling and placement cells offer various assistance to students to help them in their future lives. Experts from ERASMUS, the ‘Study in Europe’ programme have visited the college on previous occasions to give students an opportunity to study in European countries.

The College publishes academic calendar, activities calendar and prospectus on a regular basis which gives an idea about the various classes and academic activities of the College.

Various days are celebrated in the College with full honour such as 21st February, International Mother Language day, 8th March International Women’s day, Republic Day, Independence Day, the birth anniversaries of national figures such as NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose, BibhutiBhushanBandopadhyay, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and others.

The College holds regular meetings with the parents of all the students to ascertain the problems of students, if any, and also to obtain suggestions and feedback from the parents on how to further improve the various academic and other environment of the college. Regular meetings are also held with the local bodies and local people to involve them in the all-round development and advancement of the College.

The college has undertaken different Skill development programmes for the students to provide them training in market relevant skills to make them self-reliant and create opportunities for the development of talent and improve the overall scope for them,

Apart from all these facilities, the other special attractions include:

  1. Yoga centre
  2. Medical Unit for free medical check-up on a regular basis
  3. Karate training for girls(Taekwondo)

The college is a plastic free zone and a green belt. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the College premises. There is a board outside the college building which lists the dos and don’ts for the students. Students are expected to adhere to these rules strictly for maintaining discipline within the College.

In the present year, 2020, the world is going through a very rough phase due to the pandemic Covid 19. The College was forced to close down due to this. However, there was only closure of the institution not its activities. Regular online classes are held via college LMS portal, In this portal all notes are uploaded, classes are held through Power point presentations, you tube links. Apart from this students are assessed on a regular basis via various tests and assignments. These include multiple choice question tests as well as Long answer tests. Apart from college portal, teachers take regular classes via Google Meet and Cisco WebEx apps. Apart from classes various online seminars, special lectures, interdepartmental lectures, meetings are held online via these platforms. Meetings with students are held on a regular basis through these online modes, in order to help them in all ways and also to dispel any fears which they may have regarding academics or otherwise.

We have dedicated a channel on YouTube on behalf of the College where all programmes, recordings of seminars etc. are uploaded for future reference. Apart from this we also have an active Facebook and Twitter account (@drbrasm1) where the updates of all the College activities and programmes are uploaded on a regular basis for future reference. Apart from this the faculties have their separate personal YouTube channels where they upload study materials on a regular basis. Students can access these channels and get much help from these materials.

Keeping in mind the health guidelines during the pandemic, the College is extremely cautious regarding the health of all its staff and students. We have installed proper sanitisation units/equipment at different vital places in the college premises to sanitize the students and staff and are exploring the various ways to sanitize the building and other units of the college at regular intervals.