• The College has a two storied building. The ground floor houses the office of the Principal, the Vice Principal, and the office section which has been named as the administrative block. On the opposite side of the administrative block are six classrooms. Rest of the classrooms are on the first floor.
  • The first floor of the building has got the departmental rooms, the central library, departmental libraries, I-library, four classrooms, including two classrooms for conducting virtual classes. There are 30 computers in the college. All the departments, office and library section are fully computerized.
  • The College also has a cycle shed for both teachers and students
  • The College has a huge playground for recreation of students.
  • There is a ramp especially for Persons with disability.
  • Aquaguards & ATM Water dispense system for all stake holders.
  • Sanitary Vending Machine.
  • The Library of the College has a rich collection of near about 5000 books both in English as well as Bengali. There is a reading room adjacent to the Library for the students and teachers to sit and read. The I-library is strictly for academic purposes which helps the students to access the internet for various learning materials with the help of free Wi fi connection. The I-Library can be accessed by both teachers and students. The College subscribes to various journals through N-List for helping the academic progress of students and teachers. Apart from this each department has got its individual departmental library to help students in various ways.
  • The College has eight departments out of which six departments provide both Honours and General courses and two departments offer only general courses, but Honours will be introduced very soon.
  • Well decorated and well furnished Conference Hall.
  • The College has 24 hours power supply and is a free Wifi zone.
  • There are two smart classrooms where learning is imparted through virtual methods such as PowerPoint presentations or conducting virtual classes.
  • The College has a room for the Students’ Union and also separate common rooms for boys and girls. There are separate washrooms for boys, girls and teachers.
  • There is a Crèche on the first floor of the College where the teachers can keep their young ones in times of need.
  • The whole college is under CCTV surveillance.
  • The Office of the College is fully decentralized with separate sections for accounts, examinations etc. The office is fully computerized and all documents are stored in soft copies.
  • The accounts section operates on Tally software and is online system oriented like the other sections of the office.
  • The fees from students is collected through online method. Collection of fees through offline mode is discouraged and online mode is encouraged.
  • The College has an Alumni association and regular meetings with the Alumni are held to get suggestions from them which help in improvement of the College.
  • The college has undertaken a Skill development programme which includes the following programmes:

    1. Associate DTP operator

    2. Hardware engineering

    3. Associate editorial

    4. Life insurance agent

    5. Beautician course

    6. Domestic data entry operator

    7. Web developer

    8. Associate electrician.

    9. Diabetes Educator

    10. Home Health Aide

  • Apart from all these facilities, the other special attractions include:

    1. Yoga centre

    2. Medical Unit for free medical check up on a regular basis

    3. Karate training for girls