The College Canteen ‘Rasabati’ is as unique in food as it is in its name. It is situated amidst the beautiful medicinal garden and among flowering plants to provide the students with a feel of being in the middle of nature. The canteen serves hygienic lunch as well as snacks for the students as well as for the teachers. Sincere care is taken to ensure that the food is healthy for the students. Smoking or consumption of alcohol or tobacco are  strictly prohibited in the canteen premises. The canteen staff maintains the cleanliness of the canteen very meticulously. The canteen serves not only as a place to satiate the hunger of the students but also a place where they can have informal discussions of various kinds among themselves as also with their teachers. It provides a better and effective opportunity to get involved in college activities for all stake holders. Here Food items are sold at subsidized price to the students and staff. Poor and Needy students are provided working lunch from this canteen from a specially dedicated Fund called ALFONSO.