Teachers' Council; A brief sketch

Teachers’ Council of our college, a professional and Statutory Body,  acts in the interest of the teaching faculties while upholding and enhancing standards in the teaching profession.  It takes utmost care in proper designing and implementation of the planning related to the academic and administrative issues of the college  including admission, examination, sports and cultural & extension activities, research etc through resolutions adopted in its meetings so that mission and vision of the college are properly shaped up. It’s primary aim is to recommend different proposals to the Principal for the implementation for sake of all stake-holders. It takes special care the students’ need in this area where students are from poor economic back ground and most of them are 1st generation learners. The best contribution of TC in this area is creation of a special Fund in its meeting dated 28.02.2022 vide Agenda No-7 to help Poor and Needy students of our college so that they can overcome hurdles for smooth running of their study. The Fund is called FAST- Fund to Assist Students by Teachers.

All the full-time teachers appointed in the substantive post are the members of the Teachers’ council. The Principal acts as the Ex-officio President of this council. State Aided College Teachers are invitee members of TC.  Govt. order regarding TC : View

Sl.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Chittaranjan Das President
2 Smt. Latika Patel Secretary
3 Dr. Roopleena Banerjee Member
4 Shri Basudev Mondal Member
5 Smt. Srijani Ray Member
6 Dr. Ata Mallick Member
7 Shri Adhir Roy Member
8 Dr. Purnima Mukherjee Member
9 Shri Koushik Shaw Member
10 Smt. Moumita Ghosh Member
11 Shri Aziz Mondal Invitee Member
12 Smt. Mridula Biswas Invitee Member
13 Dr. Keya Chakraborty Invitee Member
14 Smt. Gouri Dutta Invitee Member
15 Mr. Ruhul Amine Mondal Invitee Member
16 Smt. Brati Debbarman Invitee Member
17 Shri Bhupati Tikader Invitee Member
18 Shri Chandan Biswas Invitee Member
19 Shri Sukanta Kirtania Invitee Member
20 Smt. Jhuma Sarkar Invitee Member
21 Shri Suvankar Biswas Invitee Member
22 Shri Ahin Roychoudhury Invitee Member
23 Shri Rakesh Sarkar Invitee Member
24 Smt. Mita Bairagi Invitee Member
25 Smt. Sabekun Nahar Invitee Member
26 Ms. Kalyani Limbu Member