CLOC (Coordination with Local Community) Committee

Resolution : Bengali English

Our beloved College started its journey in 2005. No institution can develop or achieve success without the dynamic support and spirited cooperation from the local people since it is produce of their long cherished dream. After the joining of our (present) honourable Principal this truth was highlighted before him. Realizing its importance he formed the CLOC (Coordination with Local Community) committee. Under the leadership of the convenor, Sri Tapan Kanti Basu and other members of the committee, Chandan Biswas, Surja Kanta Sarkar, Chanchal Kumar Biswas and Saurabh Bagchi communicated and talked to the distinguished as well as positive minded people of this locality. They came with their broad heart and met in a number of meetings in the chamber of the Principal. They presented a number of proposals regarding the development of the college. Following their proposals we appealed the local people for help. We got unprecedented response. A number of generous persons helped us with both money and various types of teaching aids. With their coveted donations we have been able to construct four digital class rooms, cycle shed, Union Room and so on.

After the recent devastating Amphan (storm) and the consequent distress of the students appeal was made once again for help through the CLOC. Along with the local people, charitable persons from the far off region came forward and contributed generously to our BRASS Fund. With this very fund we have been able to help 47 families with money and daily essential commodities. This CLOC Committee is running its efforts for the continuous development programs here in this college and will do the same in future as well. Eventually, our goal is to from a hearty/solemn relationship with the people of all strata here in this locality

  1. Mr.Tapan Kanti Basu-Co-ordinator
  2. Mr. Chandan Biswas
  3. Mr. Suryakanta Sarkar
  4. Mr. Chanchal Biswas
  5. Mr. Sourabh Bagchi