Semester VI,IV & II Examination under CBCS structure of West Bengal State University is going to be held on and from 08.07.2022 and 2nd & 4th Sem from 20.07.2022. Examination schedule is now available on the University and College website as well. One can have this schedule along with link for uploading answer scripts from the notice given in notice section of this site.

On the date of examination students can download question paper of their respective subject and paper from the University website using this link below

or from the college website

To download questions from WBSU website students may have to put their registration number. For college website no need of registration number or roll number. On each date of examination question papers will be available 30 minutes before the exam schedule.

Students are advised to write their answers in their own words on A4 size paper only. College is ready to provide scripts for this purpose to the students. But for safety reason during this pandemic they are advised not to avail this facility since it may lead to mass gathering in the campus. They have to write their registration number and roll number on the top of each page of the answer script. Cover Page Format is already given to them by every department and by our Exam. Sub-committee. They are also advised to mention page numbers indicating the total number of pages used on the top of each page and/or mention the total number of pages used on cover page. For example if a student uses 5 A4 papers to write her/his answers, the page numbers may be indicated as 'Page 1 of 5, Page 2 of 5 …..5 of 5 etc. They are strictly instructed not to write their names anywhere on the answer scripts.

They have to submit their answer scripts in a single pdf file along with their admit card in the Exam portal available in college website. Wrong submission or wrong selection of subject may lead to non-evaluation of answer scripts. Exam duration is two hours for 50 marks paper and one hour for 20 marks paper. 15 minutes extra for PWD candidates. Students have to complete online submission of written answer-scripts within one hour after the completion of exam time on each day/date of examination. Any student having difficulty in uploading their answer script must submit the same to the college in a properly sealed envelope by the student himself /herself or through authorized representative along with a copy of admit card. EITHER USE ONLINE MODE OR OFFLINE MODE FOR ANSWER SCRIPT SUBMISSION.DO NOT USE BOTH. However, the entire procedure of offline submission of answer scripts must be completed within the college hours of the date of examination as per the WBSU guidelines.

Our Covid warriors are trained and oriented to guide you in the entire process till the final submission of your answer scripts. Examinees are advised to take help of them. They are well equipped to help you in this regard.

To register and upload answer scripts click on this link: