1. Is there any help for students with disabilities?

Yes, there is a ramp for students with disabilities. There is also the facility of wheel chair for such students. Besides this, all the staff of the College are trained and sensitized so that they can help and guide students with disabilities.

2. Are there any distance-learning centres in DRBRASM?

The College has applied to Rabindra Bharati University and Netaji Subhash Open University for opening distance-learning centres in DRBRASM and the permission is awaited.

3. My family doesn’t have much money. Should I apply for UG Course in DRBRASM?

Yes. The College offers many scholarships for students who are needy and meritorious. Besides this, since the college is government aided, therefore it offers subsidized programmes and follows the government regulated criteria. Therefore, you will not have any problem. Besides, college has a dedicated Fund called ‘BRASS FUND’ (B.R.Ambedkar Social Service Fund) to help the poor and needy students of the college.

4. What is the mailing & postal address of DRBRASM?

The mailing address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . & This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Postal address is: PO-Helencha Colny, PS-Bagda, Dist-24PGS (N) PIN-743270

5. Do you offer any scholarships for undergraduate students?

Yes, various kinds of scholarships are provided. There is Kanyasree for female students. There is Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means scholarship. There is also Mukunda Behari Das Memorial Scholarship and also Megh Mallar Medha Puraskar for students. Apart from this, students can avail any scholarship that the government or Non-Govt. bodies offer.

6. I’ve lost touch with one of my DRBRASM classmates. Can you help me find him?

Yes, we can. The College has an extensive database of all its students who have passed out from the College including their whereabouts and present professions. Apart from this, you can refer our ‘Alumni Association’ page for guidance & support.

7. Where can I learn more about DRBRASM’s history?

DRBRASM 2 The history of DRBRASM is written in an extensive form in the “About” page of the college website. You can also refer our FB channel, Twitter account and YouTube channel (link available in our website page) for regular updates.

8. How can I reach DRBRASM?

If you come from Bongaon, you can take an auto or bus from Motiganj and get down at Helencha Bajar. If you are coming from Duttafulia, you can take a bus and get down at Helencha. If you are coming from Bagdah, you can take an auto or a bus and get down at Helencha.

9. Why should I choose DRBRASM for UG course over other colleges?

This College has extremely talented faculties who have wide experience in teaching and research. Besides this, the faculties have many publications in national and international books and journals. This college not only prepares students to excel in academics but also trains them in various extracurricular activities and professional and vocational courses which will help them to easily find a job after completion of their education. A student friendly college environment and academic structure is a building base for the future of students. The college offers some unique and innovative facilities to its students. Such as some skill development programmes under ‘Empowered Generation for Promising Future’, Health Check up on regular basis, Yoga and Karate as SEC, Mentor-Menti programme, show of talent in Best out of Waste, Earn while you Learn etc which are adequate enough to place our college above other colleges.

10. How can I stay safe in campus during this Covid-19 pandemic?

The College follows all safety protocols in its premises. There is a disinfection tunnel at the entrance of the College which disinfects anyone entering the College building. Apart from this there are contact-less hand sanitizers in the College. Wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing is a must and is strictly adhered to. Regular sanitation drive is carried out. There is a dedicated Covid cell in the College which monitors the safety of staff and students on a regular basis and takes care that everyone is safe and protected.

11. Is there any facility of Online teaching learning in the College

Yes, the College follows the system of Online teaching learning through its portal, AIMES cloud. Apart from this, classes are held via Google meet, Google Classroom. DRBRASM 3 Notes, class recordings are provided in the College LMS portal. Apart from this, teachers have their own YouTube channels where they upload important lectures and classes. You can also find many lectures in our official YouTube channel.

12. Are there Online Exam system in DRBRASM?

Yes, there is a system of Online Exam system in the College through the College LMS portal.

13. What are the employment outlooks for the courses offered in DRBRASM?

Please follow the course outcome of different programmes as specified in the College website under ‘Academics’ page. Refer- Academics>Department.

14. Can I get myself transferred to another college in the middle of the course without any year loss?

Yes, under the present structure of CBCS it is possible.

15. What is the Student-Teacher ratio in DRBRASM?

At present it is 1:65

16. What does Credit mean in CBCS structure?

Please refer to the CBCS guidelines in the Admission page in the website for details on this.

17. I do not have clear idea about CBCS course structure. How can I get in to it?

You can refer to the CBCS guidelines given in the Admission page of the College website.

18. I am not a student of DRBRASM. Can I get access of the library of DRBRASM?

Yes, alumni, present students and local students of other colleges can get access to the library by applying to the College authorities.

19. I have a good sports back ground. Can I get any help from DRBRASM if I get admitted in to this college?

Yes, the College organizes many sports events such as Volleyball, table tennis, cricket, football, Kabaddi, Kho Kho etc. You can get help from college if you want to participate in any event.

20. What are the special facilities for girl students in DRBRASM?

Girl students have a wide range of facilities. There is a separate common room for girls which is under the supervision of a lady teacher. CCTV camera is fitted just outside the common room so that any untoward incident can be immediately captured. There is a DRBRASM 4 separate toilet for girls with that common room. College provides Taekwondo training especially to the girl students of the college. Apart from this there is a sanitary napkin vending machine. Apart from this the College has a women’s cell named as ICC and a sexual harassment cell which takes care of the safety and security of all the girl students.

21. How do I execute my community service experience in DRBRASM?

The College offers a lot of scope for community service by its various social outreach programmes and Extension activities. You can become a part of those and reach out to the society.

22. Does college offer any counselling sessions?

Yes, the College has a counselling cell which conducts counselling sessions on regular basis.

23. Does the college have any placement cell?

Yes, the College has a career counselling cell which invites various institutes to the college for career counselling.

24. If I have any problem regarding studies or any other issue, whom should I contact?

The College offers an innovative programme known as Mentor Menti programme. Under this you will be assigned under a teacher who will be your mentor. The mentor will guide you and help you in all fields, whether it is academic or any other.

25. If I am not able to attend college due to illness or any other reason how can I cope up with the missed classes or notes.

Attending classes on regular basis is mandatory. One has to maintain the minimum attendance record specified under the CBCS structure to obtain the necessary credits. However if you are ill or have any other genuine problem, you have to submit an application to the Principal and you can get the notes on the College LMS portal.

26. Apart from studies I have an interest in debates. Can I get the scope in DRBRASM?

Yes, you can. The College organizes debating events regularly in college. Apart from this the College also organizes Quiz, elocutions, seminars, workshops for students on various interesting and relevant topics as part of its Participative Learning Scheme. You can participate in those also.

27. Can the College help me if I do not understand any lectures? Do I have to take private tuitions?

DRBRASM 5 Yes, the College offers full support to those who are slow learners and cannot cope up with class lectures. No, you don’t have to take private tuitions because the College takes extra classes in the form of Remedial classes and Tutorial classes for those students who are unable to cope up with classes.

28. How can I stay connected with the College when I pass out?

Our students are always a part of the College. Even if you pass out, you can stay connected through the Alumni Association and contribute towards the development of the College.

29. Apart from availing books in the library, can I get any additional online resources to enrich myself?

Yes, the College has an I-Library, with internet facility which will enable you to study from the E-resources which are available on various academic websites. There are many E-journals and E-books and you can gain access to them through N-List membership. Your mentors will help and guide you in this.

30. If I have any problems in College or have any grievances, what can I do?

The College has a grievance redressal cell and Anti ragging Cell which will address all your grievances.