Chairperson: Dr. Chittaranjan Das

Coordinator: Dr. Ata Mallick

i. Smt. Srijani Ray
ii. Shri Basudev Mondal
iii. Smt. Roopleena Banerjee
iv. Shri Adhir Ray
v. Smt.Latika Patel
vi. Dr. Purnima Mukherjee
vii. Sri Siddhinath Ghatak (students & Alumni)
viii. Mr.Ashis Mondal (students & Alumni)
ix. External member and Employers’ Nominee : Dr. Sharmila De, Principal, P.N. Das College, Palta
x. Local entrepreneur: Mr. Nityananda Biswas


To develop an original student who should be able to weigh evidence to follow and criticize argument and put his own value on authorities.



“We may forego material benefits but we cannot forego our right and opportunity to reap the benefit of higher education to the fullest extent as education is the greatest material benefit”.—-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


Affiliated to West Bengal State University,Barasat.
Govt.Aided College.