Student support Service

Our dedicated teachers always stressed on regular teaching-learning programmes. However, we are also dedicated to provide various support systems to help new students to adjust with the environment of the college. The College has an I-Library where free WiFi system has been provided for the students to search online study materials. Smart Class facility is also available for the students.

The College has active NSS(National Service Scheme) unit under Programme Officer Dr Purnima Mukherjee, Head, Department of Sanskrit. The NSS unit regularly organizes activities in collaboration with the college Students to generate social, ethical and moral awareness among the students.

There are various Cells to help the students:
  • Students’ Aid fund: The College has Students’ Aid Fund for the help of the poor students. Poor students may apply for financial aid from the Students’ Aid Fund for exemption of Tuition Fees.
  • Grievance-Redressal Cell: Grievances of students are always given priority at this institution. Students may write their grievances in a letter to the members of this Cell.
  • Anti-Ragging Cell: Ragging is strictly prohibited in this Institution. Students may complain upon and written to the members of this cell and dropped in the complaint-box against Ragging Cell.