Academic Facilities

  • The College is fully committed to the physical and mental wellbeing of the students. The college has undertaken different Skill development programmes for the students to provide them training in market relevant skills to make them self-reliant and create opportunities for the development of talent and improve the overall scope for them. As a consequence of this, the college has a Yoga centre and Karate (Taekwondo) for girl students as a course for students.
  • The students are taken on regular excursions to various places as the Indian Museum in order to widen their horizon. Apart from this they are also taken on study tours to places such as the Kolkata Book Fair which helps them to learn many things.
  • In the present year, 2020, the world is going through a very rough phase due to the pandemic Covid 19. The College was forced to close down due to this. However, there was only closure of the institution not its activities. Regular online classes are held via college LMS
  • In this portal all study materials are uploaded, classes are held through Power point presentations, you tube links.
  • Apart from this students are assessed on a regular basis via various tests and assignments. These include multiple choice question tests as well as Long answer tests.
  • Apart from college portal, teachers take regular classes via Google Meet and Cisco WebEx apps etc.
  • Apart from classes various online seminars, special lectures, interdepartmental lectures, meetings are held online via these platforms.
  • Meetings with students are held on a regular basis via these online modes, in order to help them in all ways and also to dispel any fears which they may have regarding academics or otherwise.
  • Feedback system is operational for all stake-holders.