Department of Bengali

about the department

Bengali language and literature is an important department of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Satabashiki Mahavidyalaya. We know in the case of knowledge store Bengali is like gemstone. Spiritual progress of human beings is possible if language and literature is read. Bengali subject can develop our mind and personality. In the necessary to read Bangla to understand the aesthetical part of life. In the department of Bengali, there are five teachers. One of them is an assistant professor and the rest of them part-time-teacher. This department provides both Honours and General courses. We have a departmental library and a computer with internet connection .
We organize seminar with teachers and students. Beside this we organize International Mother Language day in February 21st . In the college we arrange Bangla theme centric competitions. We teachers try hard for the students.




To develop an original student who should be able to weigh evidence to follow and criticize argument and put his own value on authorities.



“We may forego material benefits but we cannot forego our right and opportunity to reap the benefit of higher education to the fullest extent as education is the greatest material benefit”.—-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


Affiliated to West Bengal State University,Barasat.
Govt.Aided College.